Marc Baumgartner Ultra-Trailer 1968 Vallée de Joux

Trailer Marc Baumgartner 1968
Vallée de Joux

Timing of the 1st part:

Despite various proposals and options to extend the timing to the 1st part of the event (especially for the elite), the organizer does not work into the matter. Perhaps the proposed tracks will be adapted and used in the more or less distant future, if the event continues. What we want. I will gladly explain the proposals and options (with the same rules for every participant) to you on August 26th in Le Bouveret. 

Grouping of competitors on the Fiesch life base  :

A regrouping of the competitors in the Fiesch base  is also imposed on us.  

Restart from Fiesch and start of the timed race from Oberwald ditto 360:

Finally, we move towards on simultaneous timed start with the 360 from Oberwald (360 km). From Fiesch, everyone will walk to Oberwald at their own pace following the proposed route. A copious supply of supplies and the follower bag will be present in Oberwald, but the place is not suitable for sleeping.

The elected committee is also leaning towards this option for the following reasons:

  • The secret departure at 2 a.m. doesn’t seem sexy to us, whereas in Obervald, we enjoy the atmosphere and the infrastructure of the 360 start.  
  • The stress-free journey between Fiesch and Oberwald is an opportunity to create a state of mind and belonging to the same family before the departure of the 360. The opportunity to fraternize, get to know each other and prepare psychologically for the next…
  • In the event of a departure from Fiesch, the fastest will pass through Oberwald before the start of the 360, while the slowest will be much later, at best during the dismantling, while the spectators have left.  
  • It’s an opportunity to meet up with acquaintances registered on the 360.
  • The possibility of a reference time on the 360.
  • It corresponds to the 1st presentation that was made to us on Facebook on September 10, 2023.

A Forum ( has been created for you to give your opinion. A communication will be sent to you shortly by the organizer. 

Time barriers on the 360 between Oberwald and Fiesch:

Regarding the first time barriers on the 360, we are guaranteed that they will be adapt, to competitors from the 660, until Eisten. We are working well with the organizer to removed or adapted, time barriers proposed throw the 360, for as many of us reach Eisten.

Final route:

The final route is not yet known, mountain huts and restaurants (which it is not possible to contact during the winter period) have yet to give answers. The objective is not to have a section of more than 30km without refreshments.

The deadline for notifying us of the final routes with the supply locations is early June.

Personal Bag:

For the competitors of the 660, a personal bag will be sent from  the Bouvret to the Base de vie in Fiesch. It will make it possible to complete and/or rearrange the official 50l bag which follows in each base of life:

For the 1st part: Ovronnaz – St-Germain – Fiesch – Oberwald

For the second part: Fiesch – Eisten – Grimentz – Gde-Dixence – Finhaut – Morgin – Le Bouveret.

The personal bag will return to Le Bouveret before the start from Oberwald and will no longer be available for the second pass in Fiesch.

Personal Assistance:

As with the 360, personal assistance should only be allowed in the vicinity of official supply zones and bases de vie. Of course, with  reciprocal respect for the staff and the infrastructures that welcome us. These points are essential to allow the organisers to envisage a second edition of the 660. (Personal note: the regions crossed, outside the Crans-Montana area, are a little less touristy than the rest of the route, so it is essential that the organizer can count on the infrastructure and the reception in the long term. It’s up to us to make a good impression and leave a positive image of our visit. Thanks)

Alternative pathway:

In case of bad weather, alternative routes are planned, they should be communicated before the start of the race, as is done at the torX. So you could download them to your GPS. Activation will be communicated « as soon as possible », if necessary, if possible at the refreshment points. 

Parking in Le Bouveret:

There could be a free solution in Collombey if we take the before and after accommodation offered by the organization. This is a point that will be dealt with again in future sessions. 

Change of distance:

As far as this remains the exception, if a 660 competitor has a non-physical problem and no longer feels like doing the entire course, he could go to the start of a shorter event under his own responsibility and would be classified on the distance in question if he finishes the event.

I always use the conditional tense, because only official communications from the organizer are the reference. I also apply myself to translations, but they are generated with automatic translators. Thank you for your understanding and tolerance. I remain available if you have any questions and/or comments.

Thank you 🙏 for your incredible support. 

I look forward to work with my colleagues on the committee, Luca Papi and Albert Meige to finalize this extraordinary project. 

It must be a world first in the world in the world of trail running, where the participants already selected finalize together the concept and the rules of the event with the organizers 🤔. 

find this very interesting and… Now that the work begins 😅. 

Together with my colleaguesit will be a question of presenting and representing as best as possible the diversity of opinions and proposals that you have submitted to us in order to find the optimal path for this Swisspeaks 660k. 

We look forward to coming back to you soon, for the rest of the adventure 

Objectives :

1)    To meet the expectations of competitors who want a time on the entire course, without neglecting those who are not interested in the spirit of competition..


2)    Keep the idea of a grouping of competitors on the Fiesch life base and minimize the hours of presence for the organizers.


3)    Give a spectacular image of the 660 event, which will be at least a 360km + 250km.


The proposal:

Le Bouveret – Fiesch section (approx. 250km). As planned in semi-autonomy, without markings, but with a timing of the race time.

The Fiesch « Base de vie » is used as a place to live and regroup (between Thursday and Sunday mornings) all the competitors of the 660. When they arrived, time is neutralized.

Instead of a new start in Fiesch, the competitors « just » have to reach Oberwald to be present at the start of the 360 (without timing of this section). Everyone is free to start from Fiesch, (approx. 50km) according to their own timetable, but must follow the proposed route and walk to Oberwald where there is a VIP 660 aid station with something to eat and an area to rest « a little » before the start of the 360.

To help the slowest 660s to get past the first time barriers of the 360, the delay they will have accumulated on the 1st part is converted into an hourly bonus for the second departure from Oberwald.

The best time of the 1st part (Le Bouveret – Fiesch) must start at the same time as the competitors of the 360.

All the others can claim a bonus proportional (to be defined) to the delay accumulated on this 1st game. This would allowed them to set off a little earlier than the official start of the 360. Of course, the actual time is counted at the time of the actual departure from Oberwald.

This bonus would be optional. It only allows you to get a little ahead of the first time barriers of the 360. Those who use it will no longer be able to claim a « Scratch » ranking with the 360 competitors.

The Oberwald – Le Bouveret section is completely the same as the 360.

Technically :

You have to time the 1st part (Le Bouveret – Fiesch). Establish a leaderboard with delays converted into bonuses.

Provide a time barrier in Fiesch that allows the last arrival to reach Oberwald according to the time of his possible new departure from Oberwald.

In Oberwald there is a head of departures for the 660 (volunteer of the organization) with a list of possible times for each competitor (established according to the ranking of the 1st part). All trail runners who wish to take advantage of their bonus are obliged to pass by him before they leave Oberwald. The actual departure time is noted and then added to the time of the second part. The others take the normal start of the 360 and accept the time barriers provided for the 360. 

From an organizational point of view, the operation is realistic, is evolutiv, does not require many human resources and is not very different from the 1st proposal made by the organizers. (.pdf file in 5 languages)

Advantages :

The elites could play on two boards, 660 and 360.

Other competitors could adapt their strategy according to their objectives and strengths.

Either: go fast on the 1st part and get more rest time in Fiesch or arrive « just in time » and « be warm » at the start of the 360 track.

Take advantage of their bonus or try to make a time and ranking on the 360 as well.

The slowest riders don’t have any pressure on the 1st part, outside the time barriers, because their delay turns into a bonus for the first time barriers of the 360.

For all, and for the image of the race, there will be a total time (250km + 390km) in relation to an extraordinary event of more than 600km.

For live TV, there will be a race within a race with participants of the 660 who evolve and also play a classification over 360km.

Aside :

Thank you for reading this proposal, I remain available to discuss it, to make it evolve… if it seems interesting and adds value to you.

I am happy to apply to represent the athletes and make my skills available to the Swisspeaks 660 organising committee.

My skills :

Member of the committee and responsible for the infrastructure and the finish stadium of the 2020 Youth Olympic Games in Le Brassus, for Nordic skiing. I am currently the director of a small micromechanics company that designs stamps and produces parts for watchmaking.

Relatively new to the world of ultra-trail, I have a web page, not very professional, but useful for my personal needs, with a summary of my route ( and an Excel sheet that allows me to easily develop walking plans (

I don’t lack ideas when it comes to organization and like all of you I am very eager to take part in this already mythical event. I hope to get your support and represent you on the organizing committee of this Swisspeaks 660, 1st edition 2024. THANK YOU.